Custom Ringtone IPhone – How to add ringtones to your iPhone?

When it comes to changing the ringtone of your iPhone, you may get confused as there are limited choices. Obviously, you would like to add a ringtone of your choice.

But you are only able to use the ringtones that come with your device. Now, when it comes to adding a custom ringtone iPhone, you need to look for some solid ways.

Is it possible to add custom music or ringtone to iPhone? Of course, it is possible.

Let’s check out how you can add a customized ringtone to your iPhone.

How iTunes Store Can Help You Adding Custom Ringtone iPhone

One of the easiest methods to add a ringtone to an iPhone device is to use the iTunes store.

So, let’s check out how you can add the desired ringtone to your iPhone using the iTunes store:

  • Navigate the Settings option in your app.
  • Click on Sounds
  • Choose Ringtone
  • Tap on Tone Store
  • Now, you need to search for a desired tone or ringtone.
  • Buy it online.
  • Now, you can easily set this ringtone or music as your default ringtone for your iPhone.

How Can I Add AAC File to My iPhone Ringtone Using iTunes?

Apart from buying ringtones from iTunes Store, you can also utilize a sound file as your iPhone ringtone. The trick is that you need to import the sound file using iTunes.

Let’s check out how you can do it:

Step-1: First, you need to choose a sound form for a maximum of 40 seconds. Here, you need to remember, you can’t sync longer sound files or ringtone to your iOS device especially using iTunes.

Step-2: You need to use software that can help you edit a sound file according to your requirements.

Step-3: Now, you need to download as well as launch the newest version of the iTunes store on your computer.

Step-4: Remember, the sound file you want to use should be in AAC format. It means that it has a .m4r extension.

Step-5: If you have a sound file saved in mp3 or other formats, you need to convert or change it into AAC format.

Step-6: Let’s check out how you can convert your sound file of mp3 or other formats into an AAC format.

Step-7: Go to Library

Step-8: Drag and drop the desired sound file in the library, and then click on Songs

Step-9: Navigate the File option that can be found on the top corner.

Step-10: Now, click on Create AAC Version option to convert your sound file.

Step-11: Remember, you have now two files with the same in two different formats. AAC and mp3 or other formats.

Step-12: Now, you need to delete the original file.

Step-13: Save the converted file with the .m4r extension on your device or computer.

Step-14: Now, you need to add a converted sound file to your iPhone as an iPhone ringtone.

Step-15: Connect your computer with your iPhone device.

Step-16: Go to iTunes.

Step-17: Navigate Library

Step-18: Choose Tones

Step-19: Now you simply need to drag and drop the converted sound file.

Step-20: Let wait for a moment so that your iTunes can easily sync the converted ringtone to your device.

Step-21: Go to the Settings option in your iPhone, and then tap on Sounds

Step-22: Now, choose Ringtone

Step-23: Find the ringtone that you have just added.

Step-24: Set it as your custom ringtone iPhone. - How to add ringtones to your iPhone

Can I Add Ringtones to My iPhone without using iTunes?

If you want to learn how to add a ringtone to iPhone even without using iTunes, you can easily do it. For this, you just need four minutes.

However, it’s possible to include a ringtone even without using iTunes, but you need to download an app called GarageBand.

Step-1: First of all, you need to download as well as save the desired song as a ringtone to your Apple Files or Music Library

Step-2: Now, tap on GarageBand.

Step-3: Here, you need to tap on the Drums option to import the song.

Step-4: Now, tap on Smart Drums

Step-5: Choose View

Step-6: Select Loop Browser

Step-7: Finally, go with Files Choose the song that you want to use as a custom ringtone for iPhone.

Step-8: Add it to GarageBand app.

Step-9: Now, only a very short snippet of the same song would play. Of course, you would like to change it. For this, you need to click on the given + icon.

Step-10: Now, you can customize songs.

Step-11: Navigate for My Songs

Step-12: Click on the title in case you want to make changes to it. It means that you can save your song with the desired title.

Step-13: Now, you should hold the given thumbnail, and then you need to choose Share

Step-14: Click on Ringtone

Step-15: Tap on Export

Step-16: Now, you will find an option called Standard Ringtone. Now, you can set the song as your standard ringtone for iPhone.

Step-17: Apart from the above-mentioned method, you can also use an alternate For this, you need to tap on the Settings option, choose Ringtone, and then choose the Custom Ringtone option.

What Is the Process of Creating Custom Ringtone for iPhone?

If you want to learn how you can create a custom ringtone iPhone, you need to have the GarageBand app installed on your device.

Now, you need to follow stated below instructions:

Step-1: Open the application, and then tap on the Import option to grab the ringtone.

Step-2: You should cut short the title to a maximum of thirty seconds. Now, save it.

Step-3: Choose the excerpt in the given application just by holding a finger on the given title for a few moments. You will an option called Beep or Ringtone.

Step-4: Choose the Ringtone option, and then choose Export

Step-5: Navigate Settings option, choose Tones and Feel

Step-6: Go to Ringtone.

Step-7: Choose the desired title from the given list.

Step-8: Now, you can set the desired custom ringtone for your iPhone.

However, this process is done using the GarageBand app, but some various other tools and apps can be used to create custom ringtones for your iPhone device.