Error 404: What You Must Know About 404 Not Found Error Message

Error 404 – When you click on a web URL or link, you visit an error page with 404 instead of your requested URL or link. Obviously, it is a 404 page not found error message.

It means that you couldn’t be able to find the content that you requested. However, it’s really annoying to visit at a dead link, but it can also be customized.

If you want to get rid of Error 404, you need to learn how to customize it according to your requirements.

It means that you can redirect visitors to your dead page or link from another page or link. This way, you can retain visitors to your site.

Moreover, due to the 404 error page, most of the sites have to see a drop in search traffic.

What Are the Reasons Behind the Error 404?

There could be various reasons behind the HTTP 404 error code. One of the most common reasons behind the 404 URL not being found is that the site owner may have deleted or moved the requested content to somewhere else.

Let’s check out the key reasons behind a 404 error message.

  • The URL, link, or related content like images, and files have either been moved or deleted. When there is no replacement of links, visitors have to face the error message 404 page not found.
  • In the case of writing the URL incorrectly, you may not be able to find the desired content. It can be a reason behind a 404 error message.
  • The server can be a reason behind the Error 404 web page not finding the error message. Due to a connection being broken or the website isn’t running you may encounter an error message.
  • When a requested domain name may not be converted to the desired IP by the given DNS, you are likely to see an Error 404.
  • The domain name doesn’t exist or entering the wrong name.

How Can I Fix Error “Error 404 Not Found”?

Having gone through the aforementioned reasons behind the error message 404 not being found, now you would like to know how to get rid of this problem.

The key reason behind fixing the error 404 problem is that it may lead a site towards search engines’ ignorance.

It means that search engines start dropping web pages or even a whole site with plenty of 404 pages.

Hence, if you want to keep receiving targeted traffic from leading search engines, you need to fix this problem.

Now, the question arises here how you can fix the error 404 pages not found? For this, you need to follow the stated below instructions.

  • Reloading the web page can help you get rid of the 404 error message. Yes, it’s often seen that most of the time, due to the late server response, a web page may not open. Thus, it’s advised that you should click on the F5 button to refresh the page. By reloading a web page, you are likely to remove the “404 pages not found” message.
  • Another way to fix the 404 web pages not found problem is to check the URL. It’s observed that most individuals simply enter the wrong URL. Here, entering the wrong URL doesn’t mean entering the wrong characters, but even if you enter the wrong symbols, you are likely to end up with a 404. So, you need to be very conscious while entering the URL.
  • In case of not able to fix the 404 problems despite trying the above-mentioned methods, you need to go back via the directory levels. It means that you need to find its root reason. For instance, if you type an example.com1webpage1/webpage2/webpage3, you need to check each category or directory level to ensure whether it is working or not.
  • If you are still unable to get rid of the 404 error problem, you need to unveil the power of the search engine of a website. Yes, most of the top sites provide a search facility on their home. So, if you notice that a particular page isn’t opening or giving a 404 page not found message, you need to search for content on the site. By entering a few keywords or phrases, you can easily access the original content.
  • If you notice that there is no search facility on a website, you need to use top search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Yes, you just need to enter the URL or content that you are looking for in a search engine box. By hitting the enter key, you will be able to find original source or URL of the desired content.
  • Another method that can help you fix 404 pages not found error messages is to learn how to delete browser cookies and cache. Yes, due to loads of cache and cookies, most of the web pages open with the error 404 page not found.
  • In case of not getting the solution to your 404 error page, you need to get in touch with the website owner or people who are responsible for running a site. For this, you can unveil their “Contact Us” page or other details. When you inform them about an error 404 webpage isn’t found, you can able to get the 404 pages not found the problem fixed. - How to fix Error 404

Can HTTP 404 Page Not Found Damage a Site’s Ranking?

If you are assuming that there is no negative impact of having lots of HTTP 404 error pages on your site, you may not be able to get a penalty from Search Engines, you need to get rid of this assumption as soon as possible.

Yes, it’s a reality that your 404 pages not found error may lead your site towards tanking of your site. If you don’t want to get your site’s ranking influenced negatively, you need to fix the 404 pages not found an error.

Having tons of dead or broken links or URLs on your site could signals search engines that your site may not be working fine, so, you need to get rid of it. It means that you need to fix the problem as soon as possible.

So, it’s advised that you should eliminate problem 404. There are various methods that can help you fix 404 pages not found the problem.