SIM Not Provisioned MM 2

How to Fix the “SIM Not Provisioned MM 2” Error

Have you received a popup message i.e. SIM not provisioned mm#2? If yes, then you need to understand that there could be various reasons behind this error.

Getting an error message of sim not provisioned mm#2 simply means that you may not be able to make or receive calls.

However, it’s true that you may not be able to make and receive calls, but you can still use a few apps like Whatsapp, signal, and Viber.

What Should I Do When Received Error Message “SIM not Provisioned for Voice” or MM#2?

When you receive the message, “sim not provisioned mm 2 for the voice” or sim not provisioned mm#2, you need to take a few things into consideration.

Since you are not able to make voice calls or send SMS except for official 911, you need to learn how to fix the error sim not provisioned mm 2. For this, you just need to follow a few things.

You can restart your phone to eliminate this problem.

You can reboot your device to make things functioning.

Contact customer support to grab additional technical help.

However, these are a few most common methods that you can try to fix error sim car provisioned mm 2, but you need to know other fixation solutions as well.

What Is MM#2 SIM not Provisioned?

Before you start learning to fix the problem of sim not provisioned mm 2 or for voice, you first need to know what exactly it is.

Here, you need to remember that when you receive this error message, you don’t need to worry about your smartphone model or its OS. It means that whether you are using iPhone or Android, you are supposed to get this error message on the same.

So, when you receive an error message your sim card is not provisioned, you need to accept the fact that it shows that your car isn’t tied to your service provider account.

There could be multiple reasons behind receiving this error message.

  • You may have transferred the sim number to another sim card.
  • Temporary suspension of services.
  • You might be beyond the coverage area of your chosen carrier.
  • But the most common reason behind this situation is that your sim card has been suspended by your carrier.
  • In case of buying a new sim or phone, you might have to encounter this error.

What Are the Reasons Behind Error Message SIM 1 Not Provisioned?

  • In the case of using a phone with a dual sim card slot, you may encounter a sim not provisioned error message.
  • Since each sim card slot has a certain number, the primary or basic 4G LTE sim card should be in the first slot or sim 1. In case of receiving message sim 1 not provisioned, you need to check whether it is in the first slot or not.

How Can I Fix SIM not Provisioned MM#2?

If you want to learn how to fix the error message sim not provisioned mm 2, you need to try the stated below methods.

  1. Reseat your sim car.
  2. Quick topup smartphone.
  3. The complaint is online about lost/stolen phones.
  4. Get in touch with your service provider.
  5. Best to go with a new SIM card service provider.

1 . How Can I Reseat My SIM?

If you want to learn how to remove the error message sim card not provisioned mm 2, you need to follow a few steps to reseat your sim.

  • Always keep your own sim clean and dry.
  • Don’t touch the gold area or circuit of your card.
  • Avoid bending, cutting, modifying, or trimming your card.
  • Don’t expose your sim to extreme weather conditions or temperatures.
  • Having followed above mentioned steps. Now, you need to turn off your device.
  • Now, open your sim card slot following the exact method for your particular handset model.
  • Go to sim holder or sim lid.
  • Now, you need to get your sim card out from the phone.
  • Now, clean and wipe it.
  • It’s time to insert your SIM card again in the slot.
  • Your problem will be resolved.

2 . How to Fix Error Message Using Topup Option

It’s usually observed that many individuals receive error messages sim not provisioned mm 2 due to service provider error.

So, if you want to fix this problem, you just need to recharge or top up your phone for just $1.

Whether you are using GSM, LTE, 4G/3G, and others, it will resolve your problem.

3 . How to Fix SIM Card Provisioned Error Using Stolen/Lost Report Facility

One of the easiest methods to fix the problem of receiving error message sim not provisioned mm 2, you just need to report your phone as lost or stolen.

For this, you need to follow the stated below steps.

  • Visit the official site or office of your service provider.
  • Here, you need to complain that your phone has been stolen or lost.
  • Now, you need to get your services suspended.
  • After a few hours or even minutes, you can inform the office or online portal of your service provider that you got your stolen or lost phone back.
  • Now, your service provider will resume your service.

4 . How to Resolve Error by Contacting Your Service Provider

  • You need to visit the official website or call the customer support team of your service provider.
  • You need to inform about receiving an error message sim not provisioned for voice mm2.
  • They will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

5 . How to Fix SIM not Provisioned Voice – Final Step

I have already gone through aforesaid methods and didn’t grab desired success, you need to try final method to resolve this problem. For this, you just need to get your sim ported to a new service provider.

Yes, when you notice that you are facing the same issue despite all your complaints and efforts, you need to get rid of that service provider.

For this, you need to follow the stated below steps.

  • First, you need to know about the available alternatives of your carrier or service provider.
  • Visit their official site and see the available offer for a new porting service.
  • Apply the process to get your number ported to a new service provider.

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