How to Install Windows Media Encoder on Windows 10?

Windows Media Encoder is certainly a great option to go with when it comes to using a freeware media encoder.

Yes, it is a discontinued freeware or free-to-use media encoder. It enables users to convert as well as record both prerecorded and live video and audio.

Remember, windows media encoder encodes videos simply by unveiling specs of Windows Media Video Versions of seven, eight, and ten. When it comes to determining audio, this tool comes loaded with windows media audio versions 10 and 9.2.

Here, one point should be noted that Windows 10 version needs specific codecs to be thoroughly installed.

There is no doubt that the windows media encoder simply assists in two-pass encoding especially to boost the quality of given on-demand video and audio content.

Moreover, this tool also provides a unique feature called bitrate. With the help of this feature, you can easily create the highest quality of stuff.

If you are going to choose this tool, you need to understand that it supports especially scripted encoding along with wmcmd.VBS VBScript file. Therefore, it enables people to encode a big number of the given media file.

With the help of a windows media encoder, you can easily create audio content ranging from multichannel to voice-only stuff.

It can also help you encode video from substandard data rate display capture to high-definition quality i.e. 1080x1080p.

When it comes to compressing videos, you will surely find this tool freeware tool the right choice to go with.

With the help of advanced features of the Windows media encoder, you can easily compress desired videos.

You can find this tool for the older version of operating systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

It means that if you want to use a windows media encoder, you won’t need to run it after the upgrade to the latest OS.

Apart from the aforesaid features, you can also explore a few advanced features of the windows media encoder.

With the help of its new codecs, you can easily enhance the output quality. It comes loaded with two latest encoding modes i.e. variable bit rate and constant bit rate.

With the help of both features, you can easily adjust settings, sourcing support, language support, and other options.

If you are looking for a windows encoder for the x64 edition, you can easily find the same. Whether you are using 64 or 32-bit, you can easily use this tool to create mesmerizing videos and audio.

Here, you need to remember that this free tool was officially discontinued after the year 2011. Moreover, it was not upgraded after 2011.

Since Microsoft completely stopped the development and update of this tool, you need to use the older version.

Hence, if you have an older version of a Windows device such as Windows 7, you can still download as well as install a windows media encoder.

Here, you need to remember that the encoder simply works great on older windows versions.

How Can I Download and Install Windows Media Encoder?

Since this article is all about how to download and install a windows encoder for windows 10, you need to learn how it can be done.

Are you getting a bit confused about the process? If so, then you need to learn how you can download and install the encoder for windows 10.

So, let’s check out the complete procedure below:

Step-1: First of all, you need to know about a reliable option online for downloading windows media encoder online.

Step-2: You should avoid downloading the windows encoder from an unknown source online as it may lead your device towards malware or virus attack.

Step-3: Having downloaded the encoder from an authentic source online, now you need to learn how to install it.

Step-4: For this, you need to keep reading it.

Step-5: First, you need to confirm whether you have downloaded the correct version or a suitable window encoder for your PC.

Step-6: Moreover, you can’t be able to download it directly from the source. So, you need to bypass a direct prompt.

Step-7: To bypass the irritating DirectX prompt, you are advised to manually extract the given contents of the WMEncoder64.exe file.

Step-8: If you want to extract the file, you need to visit at command line prompt option.

Step-9: Here, you need to type – WMEncoder.exe /C /T:”\Extracted

Step-10: Here, you need to remember one point that you can easily replace the given “C:\extracted option with whatever type of path you would like to choose.

Step-11: Having completed it, now you will find files – ADVPACK.DLL W95INF16.DLLW95INF32.DLL wmenc.inf WMEncoder64.msiwmecq.inf wmencqa.inf.

Step-12: Now, it’s time to run the given file i.e. WMEncoder64.msi.

Step-13: Having run the file, you can easily install it to “C:\program file\windows media components\”.

However, the aforesaid procedure for downloading and installing a windows media encoder can indeed help you accomplish the desired task, but still, you may encounter errors.

It might be possible that you would experience an incomplete or installation error. But you need to remember that it has been installed successfully. So, you won’t need to worry about the same.

Apart from that, you would also encounter the Windows Media folder, especially on the given start menu with tons of utilities there. But thing is that you can easily install it.

Will Windows Media Encoder Work Perfectly with Windows 10?

HowevMicrosoft indeed stopped upgrading and updating this tool, buts, till you can use it. The best part of using a windows encoder for Windows 10 PC is that you can use it perfectly.

So, if doubtful whether this tool would work on windows 10 or not, you need to understand that it will.

The only thing that you need to care about is to download the windows encoder from an authentic source online.

In case of downloading an encoder from an unknown source online, you will have to deal with malware and virus issues.

Obviously, you will never and ever like to put your computer at risk. Thus, you need to download the windows encoder from a reputed source online.

If you want to enjoy a free tool with lots of features, you shouldn’t for downloading and installing a media encoder for Windows 10. However, this guide is about how to install all encoders on Windows 10, but you can install it on other older versions of Windows as well.