BYJUS for PC – Easy Guide 2022

BYJUS for PC – The pandemic has evidently taken a toll on the way humans usually led their lives, and almost every waking moment was spent socializing, either voluntarily or on the basis of demand.

Man is a social animal, and we were tuned to carrying out our everyday activities going to school, college, and our workplace to lead our lives and build our education and career.

However, the pandemic altogether altered our routine, for we were restricted from stepping out of our homes, to ensure that the virus does not rapidly spread in the human community.

This led to the shutting down of educational institutions and offices, which switched to remote learning and remote working.

BYJU’s, India’s pioneering online institution for education, with a difference, is one of the most sought-after forums.

True to their claim and caption, “Come fall in love with learning”, BYJU’S for PC is fulfilling its criteria of imparting education in such a manner, that studies are no more a burden for students!

What makes BYJU’s well equipped and efficient for online education, is that schools are for the first time, made to function online, wherein teachers are still struggling to find the means and the technological know-how of remote learning. On the other hand, BYJU’S has been offering online education for years now, which makes them comparatively more well-versed and effective.

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Salient Features Of Byjus Learning For Pc:

Here are a few attributes to your advantage, if you will be accessing BYJU’S For mac/PC:

  • Use of Knowledge Graphs and Charts – The content they upload is extremely engaging, and students are made to experience the benefits of classroom teaching, despite the remote learning system.
  • Out of the Box Learning -The teachers are BYJU’s are made to use innovative techniques to approach various topics in the subjects, to transform even the most traditional and boring subjects appealing, easy to comprehend, and apply it in practical life as well.
  • Personalized training – They see to it that all the queries are clarified by their team of well-trained teachers and experts. There are even individual doubt clearance sessions allotted, so that the teacher and student can have a personal, one on one interaction, aiding the process better understanding.
  • The BYJU’S for PC app also has provisions for NEET, CAT, JEE and IAS aspirants, who can acquire sufficient training for these competitive exams and wonderfully excel in them! Another app like share chat which help students to chat eachother without lagging their phones, With abundant mock tests and revisions, one is sure to ace these exams in their very first attempt!
  • The modules are structured and covered in such a manner, that all students, irrespective of their board of education, can opt for the course, as their style of imparting education is holistic, covering all areas.
  • Mathematics and science, which is usually fretted by students, especially in higher classes, is made very simple and interesting in BYJU’S for PC, with their use of mind maps and attractive flowcharts.
  • The provision of live classes every day proves to be very useful, for it recreates the environment of an actual classroom.
  • You also get to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, which helps you to improve on your weak points.

Now that I have gone through the salient and unique features of BYJU’S for PC, here are the steps to download it on your system – PC or MAC:

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Steps To Download BYJUS for PC:

Installation of BYJU’S for PC using Bluestacks emulator:

  • The first step would be to download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your system.
  • You will now be required to double click on the file that has been downloaded, for the process of Bluestacks installation to be processed.
  • On the setting up of a wizard, you will be required to follow the instruction on the screen for the completion of the process.
  • Now, click on the Bluestacks emulator so that you may launch the emulator.
  • Now, go to Google Play Store, look for BYJU’s and then download it.
  • You may have to wait for a few seconds for it to get installed.
  • Now, you may open it from Bluestacks and begin to enjoy the BYJU’s learning experience!
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  • As the first step, you need to download NoxPlayer on your system.
  • Now, you can install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on your system.
  • You can now open the NoxPlayer Emulator.
  • In Google Play Store, look for BYJU’s and install them.
  • Post-installation, you will now have access to using BYJU’s for PC app.

Concluding Thoughts:

The BYJU’S for PC app proves extremely beneficial for all students. Similarly, another app like Fieldo is best for students if they want to download any video in high quality related to their studies, both for school as well as for competitive examination aspirants, especially in this scenario of the global pandemic, where it is advisable to stay indoors and ensure one’s own and the community’s safety from coronavirus.

Never let any circumstance hinder your pace of education, and you can utilize BYJU’S for PC app, especially if you are a person who believes that no hurdle can stop you from achieving and accomplishing your goals.

is byju’s available on PC? BYJU’S for PC is also extremely helpful for those, who live in remote areas of the country, where commuting to your place of education is still a great task.

All you need is a system, a fairly decent internet connection, the willpower to study rigorously, and the desire to acquire knowledge for life.

The most important factor which can convince you to opt for BYJU’s is that it adopts a very unique methodology for teaching, which ensures that the student is not learning the taught concepts for the sake of the exams, but for long-term knowledge retention.

The images used while teaching play a very crucial role in helping the student retain the concepts for a very long period of time and also be able to apply those concepts in their day-to-day activities.

So, go download the BYJU’S for PC app right away for a bright future!