LockIt VPN For PC, Windows 10/8/7/Vista & Mac – Free

VPNs nowadays have become a necessity to protect your laptop or phone against various traffic and other things.  Not only this but VPN is also used for the smooth experience of playing online games or watching movies.

Not only does it secure your internet connection, but it also lets you surf through websites hassle-free. A virtual private network (VPN) provides a protected connection between you and the internet.

All of your data traffic is routed via an encrypted virtual tunnel through the VPN. When you use the internet, this covers your IP address, making its location invisible to anyone.

External attacks are also covered by a VPN link. LockIt VPN for PC is one of the best VPNs available in the market now.

LockIt Vpn for PC comes with slick, cutting-edge software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV, and Router, allowing you to protect your computers in a matter of seconds.

With time-saving features like one-click connect, one-tap server range, and a ping test to choose the fastest server, LockIt VPN apps are fast, easy to use, and stable.

It gives you the best and safest VPN accounts for your PC! If you want to protect your privacy and prevent your Internet Service Provider from tracking your browsing behavior and online messages, LockIt VPN is a must-have tool.

It helps you to keep your true location secret by allowing you to quickly switch between several global VPN server locations.

Users may use LockIt VPN to access all blocked or limited websites and applications. With the support of this app, users can link to proxy servers and unblock all blocked content.

It provides you with some of the strongest proxy servers from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, and others.

Users can connect to these countries’ proxy servers automatically with only one click of the connect button.

LockIt VPN provides unrestricted bandwidth, allowing you to download any file when connected to proxy servers. Using your internet connection’s maximum speed, download GB-size files. Connect to the app’s proxy servers for as long as you like, with no time limits.

Key Features Of Lockit Vpn For PC:

  • Private and secure VPN
  • Protects network traffic in public WiFi and hotspots
  • Stable and fast VPN
  • Unblocks sites and apps
  • Multiple free VPN proxy sites provided
  • Bypasses the firewalls
  • 100% free of any costs
  • Easy to use VPN
  • Easy to download
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Saves space on your system
  • Small and light VPN
  • shows you the details of what speed you are getting from your internet connection.

How To Download Lockit Vpn For PC?

As the official desktop version or website is not available, one can use an Android Emulator to install LockIt VPN for a PC.

Most of the people who love playing games say it be Among us or PubG or even some picture editing apps But most of these apps are built mainly for mobile, android, and IOS.

Imagine how fun or easier it could be if you could use such apps on a PC as well.  It is definitely possible, to use Emulators.

Emulating Android on a PC is possible, and it’s a lot simpler than it once was. Emulators are easy to mount on any device.

All that is required is for the user to select the Emulator they wish to download and then visit their official website. Look for the install button and click.

Emulators are software that allows you to download and use apps that are basically built for mobile phones on PC.

Emulators may be used for three different purposes. The first is for gaming, and it is the most popular.

The second most prevalent case of use is growing. Until launching an app or game, Android app and game developers want to test it on as many platforms as possible.

Productivity is the final purpose. This is not nearly as popular since Chromebooks on anything other than a computer are cheaper and easier for using Android apps and most productivity tools are cross-platform.

The Emulators used to download LockIt VPN for PC would be MEmu Play and Nox player:


MEmu Play is an excellent Android emulator that is committed to delivering an excellent gaming experience. This emulator is gaining a lot of importance in recent times.

This emulator is super versatile, fast, and built exclusively for gaming purposes. MemuPlay is an application that is simple and easy to use.

Memu is the perfect option if you want to play high-end games like PUBG, Battlefield games, NFC, and so on.

In this respect, it outperforms Bluestacks because it is explicitly designed for playing Android games on PC.

MemuPlay is an application that is simple and easy to use. Support for both AMD and Intel chipsets is one of its main features.

It’s targeted at players, similar to Bluestacks and other emulators, but it can also be used as a productivity tool.

Here is a step-by-step method of how you can download LockIt VPN for PC using the MEmu play emulator :

Step-1: Download the MEmu play emulator software on your PC.

Step-1: Once the software is downloaded, open it.

Step-1: Once you open the app you can find the Google play store application in it easily on the home screen.

Step-1: Just open the Google play store by double-tapping on the app.

Step-1: Now, go to the search bar and search for LockIt VPN.

Step-1: You can find the official app from the Entclass Tech solution developer.

Step-1: Now just click on the install button.

Step-1: Once the application gets installed, you can find it on the home screen of MEmu play.

MEmu play is still not available for IOS as of yet. Compared to Bluestacks, it is rather lightweight. It also works for Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop models of Android.

For multiple games or checking functions, you can also run multiple examples at once. Like Bluestacks and similar emulators, it is targeted at players, but it is also accessible as a productivity tool.


Bluestacks is a widely popular emulator to run android applications on your PC. It’s the mainstream of all android Emulators.

This emulator works pleasantly on Windows 10/8/7 and MAC OS as well, that is it’s compatible with both.

To use Bluestacks, you must have the minimum PC setup. It was also one of the first that performed well and is still updated regularly.

techemirate.com -Bluestacks

Here’s a stepwise guide to downloading LockIt VPN for PC :

Step-1: Download Bluestacks emulator for PC by visiting their official website.

Step-2: Your computer will now start to download the lightweight installer of this app. Just save it to a location where you will be able to execute it easily such as your desktop.

Step-3: Launch the Emulator installer and then click install the “I accept” checkbox before clicking the “Install” button.

Step-4: After installing the software, open the software.

Step-5: After a while, you will be able to see the home screen of the Emulator.

Step-6:  Google play store is pre-downloaded on this software.

Step-7: Find the play store on the home screen and open it by double-tapping it.

Step-8: Now search for the app you want to install which is LockIt VPN for PC.

Step-9: Now, all you have to do is click on install and it would be downloaded on your desktop.

Step-10: You can easily find the app under the installed app in the Emulator.

Step-11: Now, just double tap on the app icon and you can use the LockIt VPN for PC for free.

Concluding Lines

Users may use LockIt VPN for PC to access all blocked or limited websites and applications. With the support of this app, users can link to proxy servers and unblock all blocked content. It provides you with some of the strongest proxy servers from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, and others.  It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.