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Why Magic Viewer For Pc Is A Must When It Comes To Safety:

Safety is something all of us deserve, but the world in which we live is unfortunately filled with dangers unknown.

The news channels and newspapers are proof enough of the fact that the anti-social elements in the world are increasing exponentially by the day, with all the breaking news of the common man being attacked by strangers and criminals, that too, when they are very much within the apparent “safety” of their houses.

Such cases seem to have no end, and expecting that, would be desiring to live in a Utopic world, which is impossible.

When we are unable to curb the mushrooming of such unpredictable happenings, but also wish for protection against such untoward incidents, it is important to realize that it is wise on our part to take necessary steps to shield ourselves from unwanted elements, instead of expecting the world to be fair and just, when it cannot be that way, practically.

When it comes to effective and most popular choices which can ensure the safety of property and homes, CCTV cameras are ranked the highest, which come with their benefits and advantages.

CCTV cameras came into being stemming from Michael Foucault’s idea of the Panopticon, where prisoners in jail were being monitored through surveillance.

That is where CCTV cameras have evolved from and very rightly, is proof enough of the popular proverb, which says, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The rising rate of crimes has caused the invention of these CCTV cameras, which help in effective surveillance of our offices and homes.

Now that CCTV cameras have come into being, they also need to be as “smart” as the anti-social elements, as it is said that thieves are just geniuses, who use their brains in the wrong way.

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This is where Magic Viewer for PC steps in, to provide an upgrade with additional features, to enhance the potential of efficient surveillance, as the dangers lurking around do not end up appearing in the stereotypical get-up of a mole and a mustache, rather, move about the general crowd as decent as any other human.

Hence, to be wary of the thieves and other criminals of modern times, we do require modern solutions to help us tackle them.

Now that we have gone through why Magic Viewer in our CCTV cameras is a quintessential requirement in today’s times, let us now look at some of the prominent features of Magic Viewer for PC, so that you can judge for yourself, the hype created for all its efficacy.

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Some Salient And Attractive Features Of Magic Viewer For Pc, Which Set It Apart From The Other Apps:

  • It is an extremely easy-to-use app, for it is designed by its makers, keeping in mind the users, who might not be as technologically sound. It hence can be easily used by senior citizens in their homes, who need not depend on others for operating and availing its service. It is quite convenient to use.
  • You can easily view the events which took place previously, by accessing the “Playback” option, which will take you through comprehensively, focusing on each detail with utmost clarity, in case you need it for reference.
  • Not only can you view the events, but also share the recordings with the people who you want to show them, from the option of “saved files”, by exporting them to the concerned person.
  • If you would like to avail of the services of Magic Viewer for PC, for only a specified span of time, you have the opportunity to personalize the settings of the app, to suit your requirements. So, if your office space already has a watchman sitting at the entrance during the time of day, and if he is relieved at night, you can activate Magic Viewer’s surveillance mode during that time. So, to each user, Magic Viewer for PC adapts itself accordingly, to serve your unique needs.
  • You also have the facility to add certain features or subtract them, depending on what your requirement is.
  • You can scroll and view through the footage and recordings using this app live, and also take snapshots of it, and avail yourself of the feature of P2P Connection.
  • You can access the display modes in the following configurations, namely- 1/4/9/16/25/36.
  • Magic Viewer for PC also gives the advantage of availing the feature of PTZ Control, from the vantage point of various angles for you to have a comprehensive and holistic view of the occurrences in careful detail.
  • You can have access to about thirty-six monitoring cameras to view the live streaming of various locations of your house or office, at the same time, without any disturbance in the quality of the footage.

Now that we have looked at the helpful features that Magic Viewer for PC offers, let us also skim through the simplistic steps designed for you to download the app on your system. Similar to other apps like EVO Plus and Endoscope Camera, which you can also download right away on your PC!

Steps To Download Magic Viewer For Pc:

  • The first step in the procedure would be to download BlueStacks Emulator.
  • You will now be required to download the exe file to commence the installation.
  • Follow the instructions that lead you, and proceed till you see the option “open”.
  • Now, once you can open it, you can go to Google Play Store, and then look for Magic Viewer.
  • Select the app that is offered to you by the RNC network.
  • Then, proceed to install it, after which you will have to wait for some time, and post the completion of the process, you can access the service of Magic Viewer for PC.

Concluding Thoughts:

Magic Viewer for PC is proven to be one of the best apps when it comes to availing the benefits of CCTV cameras, for its plethora of praises it has received in its testimonials and effective service provided.