Sephora Survey Medallia USA | Easy Guide 2022

Did you recently visit the stores of Sephora? Purchased online from Sephora? How did you like their services and products? Do you have any complaints or suggestions for them? Drop in all that you want to say and all your opinions by taking the Sephora Survey Medallia and helping the company improve and provide you with the services you want. Also, win a chance to earn amazing rewards from the Sephora survey sweepstakes.

Sephora has created an online survey in collaboration with Medallia, known as the Sephora customer service survey, to collect honest feedback from its customers regarding the products and services offered at the Sephora store. The company will use the responses collected by its customers to improve the quality of their products as well as the various services. Moreover, at the end of the survey, you will be invited to enter into the Sephora survey sweepstakes and get a chance to win a $250 Sephora survey gift card which can be redeemed on your future purchase from the store. 

About Sephora

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Sephora is a widely recognized French luxury makeup store based in the USA, selling superior and high-quality makeup products. The company was founded in the year 1970 in France by Dominique Mandonnaud. It has more than 1900 stores running currently in 29 countries across the world, having more than 360 stores located across North America. 

It is a very well-known brand providing a wide range of makeup articles for people with all sorts of preferences and features. Sephora stores are widely spread and deal in a variety of products even apart from makeup, including fragrances, skincare, and haircare products as well.

Why take the Sephora Survey Medallia USA?

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Collecting feedback is necessary for the company so as to know what their customers like, what they want, and what they don’t like. It provides them with an opportunity to improve and provide the best for their customers and achieve complete customer satisfaction. 

Sephora values their customers’ feedback; therefore, they have organized this Sephora survey to provide their customers with an opportunity to give their honest opinion by participating in the survey. Sephora works in collaboration with Medallia to create the survey for the customers. Also, the company is distributing amazing prizes for lucky customers as a token of appreciation for completing the survey successfully. 

Requirements for the Sephora Survey Medallia USA:

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There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before entering the Sephora survey Medallia USA via online mode as given below: 

  • Any android device such as a smartphone, laptop, or a PC
  • A stable internet connection
  • Sound knowledge of English or Spanish
  • A store receipt from the Sephora store survey
  • A valid email address and a phone number 

Rules for taking the Sephora Survey Medallia USA:

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Other important key points to keep in mind while taking the Sephora Medallia USA surveys are as under: 

  • One must be 18 years of age or above to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes.
  • One must be a legal citizen of the US to take the survey.
  • Only one survey and one entry are allowed per person.
  • Making a purchase from the Sephora store is necessary to take the survey.
  • Staff members, employees, their friends, and their family members are not eligible to take the survey
  • One must have a valid email ID to take the survey.
  • It is necessary to take the survey in order to enter the sweepstakes and win prizes.
  • Only one prize per entree per month is allowed.
  • The price of the survey is non-transferable. Only the winner can redeem the prize.
  • Entering the sweepstakes can only be done in the online mode
  • The taxes and charges are to be incurred by the winner and not the company.

Step-by-step guide to taking the Sephora Survey Medallia USA:

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One must follow the given steps to take the survey without any hassle. 

  1. Visit the official website of the Sephora Sweepstake Survey.
  2. You will be required to choose a language from English and Spanish. Choose according to your preference.
  3. Click on Begin Survey and start taking the survey.
  4. Now the survey feedback page will open up. You will be asked to enter a few details before entering the survey. Enter the details such as date, time, and store. These details can be found on your receipt.
  5. Now, click on start and enter the actual survey.
  6. You will be faced with a few questions regarding the services, products, staff behavior, cleanliness, environment, etc., at Sephora. Rate your satisfaction honestly based on your experience.
  7. You will have to rate certain aspects of your visit. Rate according to your degree of satisfaction.
  8. In the end, you will be asked to fill in personal details in order to enter the sweepstakes.
  9. Provide your personal details such as your name, phone number, and email address.
  10. Now you have reached the end of the survey and entered the sweepstakes.

Survey Websites

The official website for taking the survey is

Sephora Survey Medallia USA Reward

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By taking the survey and entering the sweepstakes, one can win a Sephora gift card worth up to $250. This gift card can be used while making future purchases from Sephora.

Wrapping Up!

Take some time out and do take the Sephora Medallia survey in order to let them know how they are doing and help them make improvements as required. Genuine and valuable customer feedback can help the company achieve customer satisfaction and help them grow.

The survey would take not more than ten minutes to complete, and by participating in it, you can express your suggestions and complaints about your honest experience at the Sephora store. 

Above all, taking the survey will help improve their products and services that will benefit you, and one can also win amazing prizes by entering the sweepstakes.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the Sephora survey Medallia USA and grab a chance to win a Sephora survey $100 gift card.