Nox player for PC – Windows 10/8/7 & MAC – Free Android Emulator

All this while you’d have been wondering, why the android apps and games you’re trying to play don’t run on your PC/Windows/Mac/laptop, even after your various efforts? Here you will learn about the Nox player for PC.

You are fortunately guided to the right destination.

The reason you are not able to work with any android or iOS apps on your PC/laptop/Mac might be because of the absence of an Android Emulator.

An Android Emulator is basically a simulator that simulates android devices on your computer. It makes your devices compatible with working with all Android/iOS features.

It provides all the capabilities of a real android device.

More easily you can say that an android emulator is a program or a tool that creates a virtual environment for your computer to run android applications on your computer.

It’s a process that runs on your computer’s operating system with software and hardware by mimicking the guest device’s architecture.

Most importantly you should know that it’s all safe to install an android emulator on your PC.

However, the source of the emulator determines the safety of the emulator, be careful of where you are downloading the emulator from.

Some of the safest Android Emulators in today’s date are Bluestacks, Nox, or any other emulators from Google or other trusted sources.

What Is a Nox player?

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Nox player for PC is one of the most convenient and available for free android emulators in the market to date.

You can install it on your device within a matter of minutes and it launches automatically, you don’t have to stress for hours to make the file work, it is as convenient and beneficial for the people seeking android UI for their PC at hand.

Nox player for PC is developed by a Chinese technology company, namely Nox Limited, which is a team of minded geeks based in Hong Kong developing the best App player, and many cloud-based operated cross-platform products.

The company is targeted to develop software loved by users and their devices, gaining a huge audience over time around the world with over 10 million users in 150 countries compatible with 20 languages.

The application is majorly designed to enable Android and iOS applications to run on PC/Windows/Mac/laptop.

Nox player for PC on Windows uses your hardware’s power much more efficiently and lets you play the most updated versions of apps and latest mobile games with maximum graphics quality without any frame drops, also with the adjustable resolution which you may not get in consoles.

If you’re actually tired of lowering graphics settings and want to run apps and games smoothly on your PC/laptop, a Nox player for PC is the option you have been looking for.

With the help of this article, you will be able to download Nox player for PC on Windows for your PC, laptop, or Mac absolutely free. Similarly, you can also use the VC browser and the best gallery on your PC for your best privacy.

Key Features Of Nox player:

  • You can play your favorite Android games on a bigger screen.
  • The emulator packs an extensive host of handy features and a clean interface.
  • It is completely free and not plagued by advertisements or premium subscription offers.
  • The Nox App Player runs smoothly at first and is quite sluggish after various tasks but for the devices with better configurations, the Nox App Player should work just fine.
  • There’s also the option of running numerous Android circumstances simultaneously at the same time for multiplayer purposes.
  • The app allows you to play a different game or different accounts of the same game concurrently.
  • You can run unlimited Nox Android instances, as long as your computer supports it.
  • Nox runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat kernel.
  • The player includes a user-friendly interface that’s super easy to explore (no App drawer available).
  • Nox allows you to customize your settings any way you want it as per your needs.
  • You can opt for a full screen or shift for 720p or fullHD resolution.
  • You can also change graphic properties like DirectX and OpenGL, as well as performance settings including CPU speed and RAM usage.
  • Other customizations also include allowing the users to change the keys instead of just ‘tapping’ with your mouse on the virtual screen.
  • Nox also offers pre-enabled Root access.
  • Users can also easily install apps by dragging and dropping APK files.
  • It is somewhat a bit annoying when titling games automatically rotate the screen, but fortunately, most of them have the option to turn it off.
  • You can also connect your controller/gamepad to the Nox App Player.
  • If you’re using Nox don’t forget to check out the additional strip of features located on the right side.
  • You can easily take a screenshot, set your virtual machine’s location, or use a Macro/Video recorder from the additional features located on the right.
  • The app provides a clean interface that’s super intuitive to use.

How To Install Nox player On Windows/Mac?

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If you have reached this point of the article, then it’s just a matter of a few seconds before you learn how to install the NOX player on your desktop or PC without any issues. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and go ahead with the directions.

Step-1: Visit the official website of NoxPlayer to obtain the genuine link. 

Step-2: On the home page, you’ll see an install button that will redirect you to the download page of NoxPlayer. 

Step-3: Click on the install button and your device will start downloading NoxPlayer.

Step-4: Wait until the installation is complete.

Step-5: Once the installation gets completed, open NoxPlayer on your Windows/Mac device and configure it accordingly.

Step-6: Once you’re done with the configuration you will now see a pop-up asking you to run the app.

Step-7: Now, NoxPlayer will launch automatically.

That’s all you need to do to download the NOX player on your Windows or Mac system and enjoy all the incredible features that come with it.

You can download any Android your Mac application on your desktop and PC itself to take advantage of the larger screen rather than using the applications typically on your smartphone.

nox player for PC

Final Words:

Nox player for PC on Windows/Mac can turn out to be the option you have been looking for all through this while. It can prove to be the best solution if you are very tired of a small screen and want to Enjoy small screen UI on a big screen with multiple features. Nox player for PC is a great Android emulator that offers an abundance of customization options and features