How to Earn Free RP “Riot Points” for League of Legends 2021?

Do you love playing League of Legends games? If yes, then you would always like to get free riot points. Actually, this in-game currency can help you enhance the fun in-game. So, you would always like to learn how can grab free RP codes.

If you want to grab free RP in League of Legends, you need to keep reading this post.

Guide on How to Grab Free RP in League of Legends Game

If you want to learn how to grab free riot points in LOL, you first need to know about this game. Actually, LOL is a multiplayer battle type of game. This video game helps players to unveil unique features of the same.

Now, come to the riot points or RP codes. Actually, these are in-game currencies that can be used for upgrading the game. Apart from these RP codes, there are other currencies such as IP (Influence Points), and BE (Blue Essence). If you want to earn IP and BE currencies, you need to win games.

On the other hand, if you want to earn RP, you need to spend actual money. Obviously, most of the players aren’t capable of buying these expensive RP codes. Thus, they look for free RP code generators or other methods.

Can I Get Free RP Codes Using Riot Point Generators?

When you decide to learn how to grab free riot points in League of Legends, you can easily find out lots of free RP code generators online. Obviously, you would like to know whether these code generators actually work or not. So, the simplest answer to this most asked question is no.

Of course, these code generators are nothing else but scams. There are lots of flashy websites that claim to offer free code generators online. But when it comes to reality, they just want to grab your personal information. It is seen that most of these free riot point generator sites use spyware and adware.

So, if you are planning to grab free riot point codes in LOL, you need to avoid using fake-free code generators.

Is There Any Actual Method that Can Help Me Earn RP Codes for Free?

However, indeed, you may not be able to earn RP codes for free using code generators, but yes you can still be able to earn RP codes for free.

Various genuine methods can help you grab lots of RP codes for free. Do you want to know about these methods? If yes, then you need to keep digging as stated below content.

How to Get Free RP by Participating in Giveaways

One of the easiest ways to earn free codes in LOL is by participating in giveaways. For this, you need to join free giveaways by streamers, influencers, and YouTubers.

Now, the question comes whether you can grab free codes for LOL in these giveaways or not. So, the answer to this question is not certain. It might be possible that you can win the freebies or you may not be.

Earn Free Riot Point in LOL by Participating in Contests

Some influencers and streamers organize different types of contests to provide big prizes. Winning these prizes simply means earning lots of free RP.

When it comes to participating in a contest, you need to look at nowhere else but Facebook and discord servers. By joining different communities online, you can easily know about upcoming contests or tournaments to make lots of free riot point codes in LOL.

How to Get Free RP through Survey Junkie

Various survey websites can be joined to earn real money. You can redeem earned money to your PayPal account. Now, this money can be used for buying RP in LOL.

But the problem arises when you find lots of free survey sites to make money online. Now, you would like to know about the right survey site that can help you make real money. The best solution to this problem is surveyjunkie. You just need to join survey junkies and complete available surveys to make real money.

Let’s check how you can grab free RP codes using survey junkie:

  • Visit the official platform on Survey Junkie.
  • Here, you need to create an account.
  • Go to your profile and find available surveys.
  • Start doing surveys online to make points.
  • When you have adequate points, you need them to gift card codes in League of Legends.
  • You can also use Amazon vouchers, PayPal cash, iTunes codes, and others.
  • Now, you need to log into your LOL account.
  • Here, you need to redeem the points to grab free-of-cost RP.

How Can I Get Free LOL RP through Prize Rebel?

It is another authentic survey site that can help you earn points to redeem them into riot points.

So, let’s check how it can be done:

  • First, go to PrizeRebel.
  • If you don’t have an account, you need to register for one or else log in to an existing account.
  • Now, you need to start doing surveys and other tasks available in your profile.
  • Once you earn tons of points, you could easily redeem them for LOL gift card codes.
  • Open LOL, and sign in to your account.
  • Here, you can redeem your earned points into RP codes.

How to Grab Free Riot Point Codes through Xpango

Xpango is another unique platform that offers riot point codes. It means that you can easily earn lots of Xpango points, and then exchange the same for rp.

Let’s check out how it can be done:

  • Go to Xpango.
  • Create an account.
  • Now, you need to start making Xpango points.
  • If you want to make more points, you need to watch advertisements, play new games, and invite your friends.
  • Once you have tons of Xpango points, you need to redeem these codes for LOL gift card codes.
  • Now, go to your LOL account.
  • Here, you need to redeem those earned card codes to earn free RP.