What is com.lge.launcher3? – Best In-Depth Guide About It

Are you here to know what com.lge.launcher3 is and what it does? Then your wait is over. Here, you are going to get all the information about com.lge.launcher3 and so much more.

We know you must have seen com.lge.launcher3 in your device one day for the curious people out there. And you had no clue what it was and what is the purpose of the app package. Read on to know in detail what it is and how it works on your device.

What is com.lge.launcher3?

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Android users enjoy the flexibility called themes. The themes are what one can use to make their device look personalized according to one’s choice.

This facility is not available to iOS users. The themes and the icon are able to work and are launched on the phone through a launcher. com.lge.launcher3 is a basic launcher that comes with any android.

It is an inbuilt feature that is there in the android device which is used to launch apps and settings. It is a pre-installed app launcher that comes in the app package itself. It is actually a launcher that is there in LG devices.

What is this com.lge.launcher3 launcher used for?

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The primary feature of this launcher is to have customization on your device. You can do various customization like changing the screensaver, and font sizes. You can also change the way the icons look in your app drawer.

It is actually a very useful app launcher.

So as now you are aware of the launcher and don’t like it. Then we have the right option for you. You can watch out for the next segment for the solution, where we will provide a list of launchers. These launchers are very famous and have millions of downloads on the play store.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the list of launchers that will be a substitute. We present to you the top five launchers that are there on the play store and will really enhance the look and feel.

Top Five Substitute Launchers

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the most popular launcher of all time. This launcher will completely transform the look of your device. Now, this app launcher comes in two types that you can choose from. 

The first type is the free one, where toys do not have to pay anything to access the launcher’s features.

The other type is the paid one, Also known as the Nova premium. Here you have to pay some amount. And that will let you access a whole lot of features that will leave you amazed.

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You can literally change the way the icons look. Also, it has so many more features:

Features of Nova Launcher

  • Hidden Folder
  • Scrolling Animations
  • Icons display
  • Emoji for the App drawer

It’s very easy to find in the Play Store. Just search with the name and download it. And then launch it. It will take a moment for the complete launch, and there you have a completely new look of your device.

Smart Launcher 5

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Smart Launcher 5 is the second on our list of the most amazing launchers. Having this launcher will definitely add to your experience. There are so many elements that can be added or changed based on the theme that you select.

There is also Smart Launcher’s flower grid which is a favorite amongst fans. Below are the best features of this launcher.

Features of Smart Launcher 5

Different Layouts

Customizable app drawer

Fully resizable widgets

Pop-up widgets ( Only in the pro version)

Expanded gesture controls ( Only in the pro version)

The download procedure is pretty simple. You can find the app on the play store and simply download it like any other application and launch it.

AIO Launcher

You will find that usually, all other launcher apps are focused on de-cluttering. Here in this launcher, all apps will be on the screen only to give it a very spartan look. This also sometimes makes things easier for you. 

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Below are the features that you get in AIO Launcher

  • Widget Support
  • Android notifications on the home screen
  • Customizable app icons
  • Amazing Interface

It is very much available on the play store for free. Just search with the name and get it downloaded in seconds. You have to launch and choose the customizations that you want, and you are good to go.

Action Launcher

Apparently, the first launcher could provide pixel-style customization. It is actually amongst the first third-party applications. With this launcher, you get the famous pill-shaped Google search bar on the homepage.

Let us look at the features that you can get with this launcher.

  • Pill shaped google search bar
  • Oreo-style app shortcuts
  • Slide-out app drawer
  • quick access to widgets

Just like any other launcher, it is simple to download and launch too. It is there in the play store. And once launched, you can customize as you wish as per the options available.

Apex Launcher

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One of the amazing launchers that will boost the performance of your device. You can have many features with the Apex launcher that will make your phone look quite amazing.

Below are the amazing features that you can get with the Apex Launcher

  • Customize the Home screen grid size
  • scrollable dock
  • Transition animations
  • Folder styles
  • App drawer styles that can be customized

Just go to the play store and then search with the name of the application. You can then download the app launcher as normal. And then launch, and there you are. Customize as you wish.

Final Thoughts

So with that, it is a wrap on this article. So if you see an app com.lge.launcher3 on your device, do not panic. It is just a launcher that is there is there in every device.

And in case you do not like the pre-installed launcher, there are so many options that you can find on the play store.

That is all for today. Hope it helps.