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10 Best Games Like Terraria in 2021 [Updated List].

Terraria game is surely one the most sought-after games in the world. If you are looking for a game that can help you spending hours fighting, building, and crafting things, you need to look at nowhere else but terraria.

Obviously, playing this game can help you get rid of mental stress. If you want to enjoy your life, you need to unveil the innovative features of the Terraria game. When it comes to playing games like terraria, you would surely like to know about other alternatives.

Here, you are going to know about top games like the famous Terraria.

Top 10 Games Like Terraria to Play in 2021

When it comes to creating a list of top games that can be played like Terraria, you need to look at nowhere else but stated below list of top 10 alternatives of Terraria.

These alternative games to terraria can help you make your gaming experience more enjoyable than ever before.

1 – Starbound

When you decide to create a list of best games like game terraria, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of Starbound. This innovative 2D game can help you unveiling new adventurous places.

Here, players can find different types of story missions. It means that you can find a new universe to create your own narratives. Obviously, creating your own story in a game can help you making everything extremely real.

2 – Minecraft

With more than 180 million downloads, Minecraft is considered among the top games. When you start searching for games like terraria, you would surely like to try Minecraft.

It is considered the most renowned game on this earth planet. It functions just like terraria game i.e. it is also a great sandbox game.

Here, you can easily learn how to craft, min, and survive in the game. Here, you need to remember that, unlike terraria game, Minecraft concentrates more on mining rather than combat.

It is a 3-D game that can help you make your life more interesting than ever before.

3 – RAFT – A Game Like Terraria

If you are looking for one of the best games like terraria online, you need to look at nowhere else but a raft. It is a multi-player game that can help you unveiling a new world underseas.

However, in terms of graphics, this game may look completely different from terraria, but when it comes to actual game elements; it is the best alternative to terraria.

If you want to explore a hidden universe beneath the sea, you need to explore this great game. With the help of this game, you can easily enjoy countless hours of playing and having fun.

4 – Crea

If you are looking for a game like terraria that comes loaded with extra RPG elements, you need to go with Crea. It is a 2D innovative sandbox that usually offers a range of things and features to enjoy while playing it.

When you start playing this game, you need to fight against lots of giant monsters. Obviously, it is a game that can help you enjoying fighting against horrible monsters.

However, Crea is an alternative game to terraria, but it comes with its own unique mythos and history.

5 – Don’t Starve Together – An Innovative Alternate to Terraria

If you have already enjoyed the single-player game called Don’t Starve, you would surely like to play its multi-player version called Don’t Starve Together. It is considered among the top games like terraria.

This game comes incorporated with a distinct but unique gaming environment. Here, you can find lots of resources to create and build unique things to make this game more interesting than ever before.

6 – Planet Centauri

If you are looking for an innovative game like terraria, Planet Centauri can be a final choice to go with. By playing this game, you can certainly conquer biomes; hoard stuffs, and captures giant dinosaurs. Moreover, you can also easily create new innovative spells and weapons to fight against cruel enemies.

When it comes to detailing its sandbox world, you will find it really expanding. So, when it comes to choosing a survival game that can be played like terraria, you need to look at nowhere else but this innovative choice.

7 – Goliath

It is really interesting to fight against monsters and robots while playing a game. Obviously, Goliath offers great opportunities to its users to unveil a new world of gaming.

The concept of this game is that players need to survive in a hidden world, which is ruled by monsters and robots. So, you need to fight against these giant monsters and robots to survive.

It is considered as the best game similar to terraria.

8 – Junk Jack

If you are looking for an innovative game similar to terraria, you need to choose Junk Jack. It is an innovative 2D sandbox that can help you enjoy twelve different universes.

This game allows you to explore new planets, creating new things to make survival better than ever before. You can also capture different types of animals and other creatures.

If you are searching for games like terraria, you will surely find Junk Jack the right choice to go with.

9 – King Arthur’s Gold

If you want to play a game similar to terraria online, you need to choose King Arthur’s Gold.

It is a combat-oriented game that allows players to unveil new fighting and combat skills. Obviously, you will enjoy playing this game.

It is certainly considered among the top alternate games for terraria.

10 – ADOM

Ancient Domains of Mystery or also known as ADOM is a very popular RPG option to go with. Since it is a game focused on combat, players can enjoy fighting great. This innovative game comes loaded with endless features, specs, and functionalities. It means that you can easily explore a new world of games.

Obviously, you would always like to enhance the gaming experience while playing a game like terraria. ADOM can help you explore new things, skills, and even stuff. You can create new combating stories by playing this unique game.


So, these are the top 10 games online like terraria. You can choose any of these games to make your gaming experience better than ever before.

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