Why Do I See com.Qualcomm.atfwd On My Phone? Is This Harmful? – Easy Guide 2022

Okay, so you were browsing through your phone settings and found com.Qualcomm.atfwd? And now you are all worked up because you have no idea how it happened to be in your device? And more importantly, is it Spyware or malware? Will this bring a virus into your device?

Well, take a deep breath as the answer to all questions is no – com.Qualcomm.atfwd is not Spyware or malware. So now you must be thinking that if it is not Spyware or malware, then why is it there on your phone? Lucky for you today, in this article, I am going to talk about com.Qualcomm.atfwd, what is it, what it does, and how to get rid of it.

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For starters, we can tell you this app is present or got downloaded on your phone to do Screen Mirroring. So to understand the concept in an even better way, let us understand Screen mirroring first.

Screen Mirroring? What is it?

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In this generation, screen mirroring is the rage. Well, Screen mirroring by terms means mirroring your mobile Screen on the TV. To help you understand that concept better. With Screen mirroring, you can do broadcasting of your mobile on your TV. That means your TV will show you the mobile Screen and whatever happens on the Mobile Screen.

This feature is enabled in all modern devices these days. And to be honest, screen mirroring is a very useful tool. It doesn’t matter if you are a movie junkie or a techie, or a businessman. Screen Mirroring is helpful in all scenarios. Gone are the days when presentations happened through a projector. Or to enjoy the latest movie you had to wait for it to come on TV channels. Now you can o all this through Screen mirroring itself.

But How Does com.Qualcomm.atfwd Come Into The Picture?

Well, com.Qualcomm.atfwd is the most important part of Screen mirroring without the com.Qualcomm.atfwd app package, you won’t be able to do the Screen mirroring with success.

Yes, you heard it right. com.Qualcomm.atfwd is an application package like wssyncmldm that run in your mobile background and basically helps you. The com.qualcomm.atfwd app package comes in handy when you are trying to broadcast things on your TV. The requirement being both devices work on the same internet connection or WIFI.

So, com.Qualcomm.atfwd helps the mobile phone in establishing a connection to the mirror. To make all this happen, com.Qualcomm. atfwd acts as a mediator or receiver. It acts as a receiver between the android device and the TV screen.

Without this app package, you won’t be able to do Screen mirroring. Hence it is quite a useful package if you are a fan of Screen mirroring.

Now, since a package is helpful, it does not necessarily mean that it will only have positive aspects. The case is similar to com.Qualcomm.atfwd too. There are negative sides to having this on your phone too. These negative aspects are not that big, but still, it factors in sometimes.

Below are a few of the negative impacts of com.Qualcomm.atfwd on your device.

Negative Impact of com.Qualcomm.atfwd?

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Check out the negative aspects of com.Qualcomm.atfwd below:

Data Consumption

If com.Qualcomm.atfwd is running actively on your device. The high chances are that it is going to consume data. And a lot of data, really. So it is bound to use up quite a lot of data.

Battery Issues

Just your data, if com.Qualcomm.atfwd is running in the background, the battery also gets affected. It tends to drain your battery quite a lot.

There are several other question about it so the answer of all is that it is not a spyware or malware like another android package which are also not spyware.


It is not such a major concern, but it can sometimes make direct contact with google.

But then, on the bright side, these problems happen with a lot of third-party apps.

So after knowing all the cons, do you want to uninstall the app package? In case the answer is a big yes, then you need to check out the next section. 

How to Uninstall the com.Qualcomm.atfwd app package from your phone?

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It is unnecessary that just because the app package helps in Screen mirroring, it has to be there on your phone. If you do not use Screen mirroring, then it is okay to get it uninstalled. 

We are listing the steps to uninstall com.Qualcomm.atfwd from your phone below:

Step 1: Open the menu on your device.

Step 2; Now, you have to go to the settings option in the menu.

Step 3: Go to the Apps section in the list of settings.

Step 4: In the app list, you have to find com.Qualcomm.atfwd.

Step 5: Once you find com.Qualcomm.atfwd, open it, and you find two options. One for disabling and one for uninstalling.

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Step 6: You can now select the uninstall option to uninstall this app package from your phone.

So these were the important steps that you can follow to get the app package uninstalled completely.

Now just in case, you happen to use the Screen mirroring once in a blue moon, then uninstalling would not be a wise option. Then, in that case, you can disable the app and enable it whenever you want to use the Screen mirroring option.


Is com.Qualcomm.atfwd a virus?

No, it is not a virus. It is an app package that will come in handy during Screen Mirroring.

Will com.Qualcomm.atfwd harm my android device?

No, it will not harm your android device; however, it can drain your battery sometimes. And it can also consume a lot of data.

Is it Spyware?

It is not Spyware or malware.

Wrapping Up

So as a part of the app package, com.Qualcomm.atfwd can prove to be very useful sometimes. However, we will suggest that you do not uninstall it completely. 

So keeping it running is not a bad idea, but you can disable and save it from data exhaustion, etc. 

That’s all for today! Hope it helped.