What Is It? – Easy in-depth Guide 2022

With the aid of this article we will explain How does it work? How to fix it? And we will tackle some of the common questions related with

What is

Techemirate  - what is

It is a package that comes with android OS, cts stands for Compatibility Test suite and priv means private. 

For better understanding let us know about package.

Package: An android package or a package is directory our ASCII plain text file resides and important files including com.sec.epdg and source code. A unique name is assigned to each package. 

It makes compatible for system to know and track whenever is new app is introduced. All the android app contains a source code and a useful files. And with the unique name it becomes pretty easy to identify the app. 

So coming back to com,android.cts.priv.ctsshim. It is regarded as a tool for android developers. It helps in checking incompatibilities with the android operating system during the developmental phase.

You will find two package name in your system apps, First one is privately used and second ( used globally.

CTS resides on the partition of your system. It acts for verifying particular upgrade scenarios. The purpose behind performing this test is to make sure that the hardware is compatible with the Android OS version.

CTS has two parts, one of the two run on the event computer (Mac or 64-bit Linux) and the other one is the system file present in android by default. So it can be said that it comes preinstalled in your device and hold of great important so one should not try to toy around with

What is the use of What Is It

It is like a developer tool used by android developers, it helps in checking incompatibilities issues and solve compatibility problems with application in android

CTI is a package that helps identify and verify specific upgrade scenarios. 

Is a spyware or a malicious app?

No, it is not any kind of spyware or a Malicious app or a Trojan. 

However, some antivirus may scan it a Trojan application, but it is definitely not a Trojan. It is a pre-made package by Google’s native CTS compatibility test which is mandatory.

Many people think of it as a malicious software and try to delete it. However before taking such step, the issue of safety has to be addressed.

First things first, it is developed by Google so there should not be any doubt about this software as Google cannot introduce virus to systems.

How to fix error?

Techemirate - how to fix
  • Open the settings option then select App
  • You will find three dots on the highest right corner, click thereon
  • Choose “show system apps” out of the many options you will be shown.
  • Now, there you will find the package
  • Click on the app go for storage and clear cache.
  • This will certainly fix your cts ctsshm error.

If this method doesn’t respond well, then the only option to fix this error is by doing a factory reset.

Here’s how to do a factory reset

  • Tap Settings
  •  Tap General Management.
  •  Tap Reset.
  • Tap Factory data reset.
  • Tap RESET.

Note: Before proceeding for a factory reset, backup your device

There are numerous ways of doing so. You can backup data using the cloud or on a computer, wherever you feel ok doing so.

Backing up your data on the cloud can be a bit time-consuming as you’ll be needing a strong cellular data connection or a WIFI. Doing the same on a computer can be easier and time-saving.

How to delete

Techemirate -

It is not possible to delete it from your android device, the only way to do so is by rooting your device.

Rooting is the process of allowing users of the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.

Also it is not recommended to delete as it serves for a specific function and it comes pre-installed in your device.

Is it possible set up the environment on the computer and android device for CTS? 

At the Mi Community forum, it was written that CTS is a free platform for compliance testing. It can work on a computer and perform testing tasks on a connected device. CTS is a unit testing unit designed for integration and day-to-day work of device engineers. The task of the test is to identify the inconsistencies early and ensure the compatibility of the software throughout the development process.

Recent updates and downloads are always possible with the help of android source. You will not only get the current CTS for Android but also the old ones.

Sometimes you like to play some android games after your system update, I’m going to tell you that such a game, that has no effect on your device.

To set up the environment 

To run CTS, first prepare your physical environment, your desktop machine, and the Android device you’re using for testing.

Install the proper version of Java Development Kit (JDK).

For Android 11, install OpenJDK11.

For Android 9 and Android 10, install OpenJDK9.

For Android 7.0, 7.1, 8.0 and 8.1, install OpenJDK8.

How to run Android CTS?

Connect the device first.

• Press your DUT home button to place it on the Home screen at the beginning of the test.

• You must not use DUT to perform other functions while the test is running. This is because the more memory on the test when working, the better performance. Do not move the device again, it should be kept upright. This avoids triggering sensory functions.

• Cameras that point to an object should be properly focused.

• When CTS is active, avoid pressing any keys. This disrupts the practical tests that lead to failure, which is why you fail your goal.

• Locate the folder where the CTS package was zipped. Launch the CTS console using the cts-tradefed script from the folder.

•Start an automated testing program. This starts all the CTS tests needed to comply.