How To Connect iPhone To Hisense TV | Easy Guide 2022

If you’re currently using the Hisense TV, then you need to know that you are also allowed to connect it with your phones, tablet. But how? For android users, there are plenty of ways available via which one can easily connect their iPhone to their Hisense TV but on the same hand, to connect iPhone to Hisense TV, it will get little tricky.

But don’t worry, in this guide, we are sharing how to connect iPhone to Hisense TV without any additional charges or issues. So let’s begin reading this article till last.

How to connect iPhone to Hisense TV?

There are many ways to connect your iPhone to the Hisense TV. And here we are going to talk about each of them in detail. So let’s start reading all the possible methods, one by one.

1. Use the Anyview app

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You can anytime to screen mirroring on your Hisense smart TV with your iPhone but for that, you need the help of this third party application, Anyview. This app is going to help you to connect the both but for that, you need to ensure that you have downloaded this app in both the devices. Once done, follow the given steps-

  • First, you need to choose and open Anyview application on your Hisense Smart TV.
  • Now you can see the app open on your TV screen.
  • You need to wait for the external device and connect and remember the device name.
  • Now open your iPhone.
  • Ensure that the iPhone Wi-Fi is on. If not, go to settings and enable it.
  • Go to Smart TV on Wi-Fi list> Select it > New screen> Smart monitoring with option >Video monitoring> Image monitoring > Music monitoring.
  • Now choose screen mirroring.
  • Tap to enable the screen mirroring.
  • Choose the device name Smart TV.
  • Connect it, and you’re done.

2. TV Assist

The another option is TV assist that similarly works like a DNLA server via which you will be able to stream your iPhone to the Hisense TV. However, make sure you are using 8.0 iOS or above versions only. You will have the option of playing the media on the compatible DLNA devices that also includes smart TV. You will be able to stream Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube. To do that, following are the steps to be followed-

  • First, open the TV assist app on both the devices. Make sure that both your, iPhone and Smart TV are using the same wireless network. Connect the device to your TV.
  • Now launch the app on your iPhone and then open the media file(any) of your choice and tap on play videos.
  • One it gets connected, the video will be start playing.

3. AirServer

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With AirServer, you are also able to connect your iPhone to your Hisense Smart TV. It is a useful screen mirroring app for casting content from your iPhone to your smart TV. Apart from this, you can also mirror it from Mirecast, Google cast or Airplay. This app is used to stream media from Spotify, Apple Music and even YouTube without needing the internet connection as it will create a guest network. To do that, you are required to follow the given steps-

  • First, download the AirServer app and install it on both the devices.
  • Now open the control centre on your iPhone and press Screen mirroring and the list of devices will get displayed.
  • Now select a TV name from the given list and your iPhone will stream the content on your TV.

4. HDMI Cable

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You can also take a help of HDMI cable to connect your iPhone to Hisense TV. It will transmit your device’s data and will make it compatible with various display controller such as TV monitor. All thanks to the micro-HDMI connector, it is now very possible to connect it easily with your smart TV. It will also enhance the picture quality with contrast and image saturation features. To do that, follow the steps given below-

  • You need to connect the HDMI-to-lightning adapted and connect it to your Hisense Smart TV and iPhone.
  • Now take a help of your TV remote and tap on input button. Now a list will appear.
  • Choose the HDMI port option.
  • Now use the arrow on your remote and choose the iPhone device option. Once done, tap on enter and confirm.
  • It is done. You can see your iPhone screen being mirrored on your Hisense TV.

5. ChromCast

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If nothing is favorable for you, try using the device called ChromeCast. It will help you in connecting your iPhone to your TV without needing any connection. You are allowed to access YouTube, Google Play and even Netflix. Also, you will be needing your iPhone to work as a remote. But yes, the only issue that comes is that many apps are not compatible with iPhone due to which people prefer choosing other given options. However, if it works for you, you need to follow the given steps to complete-

  • Plug your ChromeCast device into the HDMI slot of your TV. Not check the source option and change it to HDMI.
  • Now wait for few seconds so that the device can be recognized. Now use the iPhone and go to YouTube or any other app and search for a video.
  • Tap on cast option and you can watch it on your TV.

Wrapping up,

These were the methods via which you will easily be able to connect your iPhone to Hisense TV without facing any issues. If you are still facing an issue, please comment below and let us know. You are free to comment so our team can help you in the same.