10+ Best Discord Themes for Your Windows And Mac [New]

If you are looking for the best discord themes to download for your Mac or Windows, you need to unveil a list of the top better discord themes.

Once you have a list of the best themes, you need to learn how to download as well as install better discord.

Discord can help you change the theme from light to dark or vice versa. However, it’s true that you won’t like to use a light theme because it could be hideous.

This is the point where you would like to download better discord.

How Can I Download and Install Better Discord Themes?

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Before you start learning how to install discord themes, you should first have installed better discord on your device. Here, you need to remember that you won’t be able to use plugins or themes without innovative better discord.

So, let’s first learn how you can download as well as install better discord on Mac or Windows:

Step-1: Choose the Download option.

Step-1: Navigate the GitHub page.

Step-1: Now, you need to choose an adequate version or option for your Operating System.

Step-1: Click to complete the download.

Step-1: Now, run the downloaded application.

Step-1: Now, you have successfully installed better discord.

Here, you need to remember that despite downloading and installing better discord, you won’t be able to detect any visual alterations.

But you can make changes or see changes by going through the settings option.

Better Discord Themes – How Can I Install It?

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If you want to download desired themes on the given better discord, you need to follow stated below instructions.

Step-1: Navigate better discord themes library.

Step-2: Here, you need to choose the desired theme from the given library.

Step-3: Click on the option download.

Step-4: Now, you can complete the installation process.

Step-5: For this, you need to click on the Better Discord option.

Step-6: Go to the User Settings option.

Step-7: Navigate the themes option from Bandaged BD.

Step-8: Here, you should choose the open theme folder option.

Step-9: It’s time that you should copy as well as paste your downloaded theme to the given folder.

Step-10: Having completed the aforesaid process, now you need to do Ctrl + R to refresh.

Step-11: Now, you can easily see your theme in better discord.

While using your phone, you need to download a system application to work fastly and smoothly. And some times you also see some system packages that work behind your system, You should need to check whether they are harmful to your phone or not.

What Are the Top Better Discord Themes?

There are different types of discord themes. So, you would like to know about the best option. For this, you need to check out the stated below top better discord themes.

#1. BlackHole Theme

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When it comes to choosing a top-rated theme, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of the black hole theme. MonsterDey has introduced this theme.

The aesthetically pleasing appearance of this theme makes it an outstanding choice. If you are looking for an eye-soothing theme, you need to go with this option.

Since it comes with plenty of features, it has completed about 35k downloads.

#2. Choose Basic Background

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The basic background is a trending theme that you can find in the library of Better Discord. DevilBro created this discord theme. The best part of choosing this theme is that you can effortlessly change the background to a given theme according to the requirements of your client.

If you want to change the opacity of it, it can be a great option to go with. Since it’s a compelling and unique theme, you can easily grab the best results out of it.

With up to 78k downloads, it is considered among the top discord theme.

#3. Download Frosted Glass

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Frosted Glass is considered among the most attractive themes. Gibbu has created this outstanding theme. It helps you create the illusion of seeing through a picture just like frosted glass.

However, the default picture that comes with this theme is very attractive, but you can still change it by unveiling a big assortment of images in the CSS file.

With more than 78k downloads, frosted glass is considered the best choice to go with.

#4. Download Horizontal Server List

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Are you looking for a simple-looking theme? Do you want to choose a theme that can help you find the server list on the left side of the display? If you are saying yes to the above asked questions, Gibbu has come with Horizontal Server Theme.

This innovative theme can effortlessly use with other themes. It’s a popular option for people who need something distinct.

#5. Download Server Columns

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If you are looking for a straightforward theme, you need to go with DevilBro’s Server Columns theme. Unlike all other its discord themes counterparts, Server Columns does nothing to do with appearance.

With the help of this theme, you can easily change the server list. Yes, you can make the server list look like a grid list.

Moreover, by editing the .css file, you can also alter the number of given columns. With up to three thousands download, this theme is considered a great choice for better discord.

#6. Download Great Mountain Site

Are you looking for a gorgeous theme? Do you want to choose a theme incorporated with great opacity, colors, and other features perfect? If yes, then downloading a great mountain site can be a great choice to go with.

DevilsLynAvenged has introduced this amazing theme. With up to 15k downloads, this theme is considered a great option to make things look really great.

#7. Download ClearVision Theme

Users who love choosing a polished discord theme usually prefer downloading ClearVision. This incredibly pleasing theme comes with great aesthetic features to lure eyes.

If you are looking for a customizable theme, you need to go with this option. ClearVision is certainly a great theme that can help you change the background image, color accents, fonts, blur percentage, and many more.

Do you want to learn how to customize this theme? If yes, then joining ClearVision Server can be of great help.

#8. Download Reborn Theme

MonsterDev comes with an innovative better discord theme called Reborn. The key advantage of downloading this theme is that you can easily unveil the benefits of customization.

With about 24k downloads, this theme is considered among the most sought-after better discord themes online.